World Heritage Inscription

On 5th December 1998, the historical site of Lyons, a territory marked by the ancient fortifications of the town including the Hill of Fourvière and a large part of the Peninsula, was registered as part of Unesco’s World Heritage Sites.

The historical part of the town, spread over 500 hectares, contained a large number of elements that justified its status as an exceptional site: its geographical position, between two hills and the confluent of two rivers, human settlements and a continuous and coherent urban development, a way of life characteristic of its upper-middle classes and mercantile population issued from many European regions, an important architecture and well-kept buildings, all testimony to the evolution of the town through the centuries.

A walk in the historical site of Lyons is a walk in time. From its foundation in 43 BC up until today, the city has maintained a permanent and continuous link with the periods that have marked its history.

Consequently in 1998 more than 2000 years of life and work were recorded on Unesco’s list of World Heritage Sites. On the following pages you will find all the elements of that inscription.


03/02/13: Lyons’ World Heritage site on Internet

Other than the Unesco web site and a few pages on Lyons’ web site, up until this day and since the classification of Lyons as a World Heritage site 15 years ago, no specific web site documents the UNESCO sector of Lyons. In 2011, in partnership with the City of Lyons, we decided to launch

For a good historical comprehension of the World Heritage site, and the city of Lyons, we thus proposed to consolidate and synthesise all the descriptive data for the entire sector and each of its quarters :

  • a web site with more than 170 pages
  • a buildings data base of more than 1000 fact sheets
  • historical references
  • architectural descriptions
  • several detailed documents on remarkable monuments
  • a guide to help prepare visits
  • aerial photos for geographical information
  • a large photo library with some 360° dynamic photos
  • 3D evocations of disappeared elements
  • a directory of other web sites
  • this English version


Our partners :
  • City of Lyons
  • Townhall of the 5th district
  • School of Architecture (Map Aria Laboratory)
  • Municipal Library
  • André Pelletier, honorary professor
  • Claude Devigne – Professional photographer
  • Editions Lyonnaises d'Art et d'Histoire
  • Association Sanctuaires Saint-Just Saint-Irénée
  • Association 'Lyons in 1700'
  • Tourist Office
  • Lyons’ Urban Agency
  • Gadagne museums
  • Municipal Archives
  • Gallo-Roman museums
  • Cybercité – webmarketing and reference agency
  • Maison de l’Asie
  • Pitney Bowes (Map Info software)
  • Institut Cervantes of Lyons
  • Google (« Public Action » label)