Welcome to Lyon

Welcome to the first Internet website exclusively developed for the Large Historic Urban Area of Lyon, part of which is listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.


Start of the project

From its starting point in 2004/2005 the founders of Historical-Cities.org have aimed to pilot and develop a generic tool, a knowledge data-base, associated with a three-dimensional evocation of the ancient Lyons and the full potential of an informative web portal. The legitimate and recognised skills of the founding team, coupled with those of the MAP-Aria laboratory of the School of Architecture of Lyons, were the basis of this generic tool.

The association now has fifty members: active members, scientific partners, institutional support, from the city of Lyons for example and the 5th Municipal District (with us since the start of the project), the School of Architecture, the Editions Lyonnaises d'Art et d'Histoire, the association Sanctuaires St-Just St-Irénée, the Gadagne museums, the Gallo-Roman museums, the Municipal Archives, the central Municipal Library, the Urban Agency, the Maison de l'Asie, ...

Historical-Cities.org association has been declared of general interest since May 2010.


Practice of computer innovations

Summary of IT innovations in 2D/3D :

  • Geographical data base of remarkable buildings that can be geo-localised with the MyMaps tool of Google
  • 3D displacements within 360° panoramic photos
  • 3D realistic evocations of disappeared or partially destroyed monuments

On the I-phone / Smart-Phone format :